Fountains, Histograms, and q-Identities

Peter Paule and Helmut Prodinger
Finished on January 14, 2003. Accepted by DMTCS June 2003.

I always had the feeling that something could be done about the Merlini/Sprugnoli paper. In Strobl, June 2002, Donatella Merlini told me exactly what was required, but then the project went to sleep. When I visited the RISC, I briefly discussed it with Peter Paule, but we did not push it through, because of time conflicts. When I saw the preprint of Andrews a few days ago, I realized that that would be useful. Then I came up with a draft, and Peter Paule did all the rest, simplifying the formula for D_n, and bringing in all the fantastic computer algebra. Thanks, Donatella and Peter!
This paper is available in the TeX, Dvi, Postscript and PDF format.,

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