Special Issue in Random Structures and Algorithms, Analysis of Algorithms, H. Prodinger and W. Szpankowski,

Random Structures and Algorithms Volume 19, Issue 3-4, 2001. (Special Issue: Analysis of Algorithms Dedicated to Don Knuth. Issue Edited by Helmut Prodinger, Wojciech Szpankowski.)
149 Preface
150-162 DEK=(1000)8
194-246 Random maps, coalescing saddles, singularity analysis, and Airy phenomena Cyril Banderier, Philippe Flajolet, Gilles Schaeffer, Michčle Soria
247-288 Phase transition and finite-size scaling for the integer partitioning problem Christian Borgs, Jennifer Chayes, Boris Pittel
289-315 Size and path length of Patricia tries: Dynamical sources context Jérémie Bourdon
316-358 Phase changes in random m-ary search trees and generalized quicksort Hua-Huai Chern, Hsien-Kuei Hwang
359-375 Analysis of random LC tries Luc Devroye
376-406 Approximating the limiting Quicksort distribution James Allen Fill, Svante Janson
407-437 Distinctness of compositions of an integer: A probabilistic analysis Pawe Hitczenko, Guy Louchard
438-471 Asymptotic distribution for the cost of linear probing hashing Svante Janson
472-497 A generic approach for the unranking of labeled combinatorial classes Conrado Martínez, Xavier Molinero
498-524 On a multivariate contraction method for random recursive structures with applications to Quicksort Ralph Neininger
525-551 Analysis of Rabin's irreducibility test for polynomials over finite fields Daniel Panario, Boris Pittel, Bruce Richmond, Alfredo Viola
552-557 Some applications of the q-Rice formula Helmut Prodinger

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