Special issue on Mathematical Analysis of Algorithms (Algorithmica, to appear)

R. Kemp and H. Prodinger (editors)
This item was put here on March 21, 2001.
Volume 31 - Number 3, 2001

237-239 R. Kemp, H. Prodinger Preface

240-290 V. Choi, M. J. Golin Lopsided Trees, I: Analyses

291-303 L. Devroye On the Probablistic Worst-Case Time of ``Find''

304-317 M. Drmota The Asymptotic Number of Leftist Trees

318-360 P. Jacquet, W. Szpankowski, J. Tang Average Profile of the Lempel-Ziv Parsing Scheme for a Markovian Source

361-377 P. Flajolet, G. Louchard Analytic Variations on the Airy Distribution

378-402 M. Hofri, H. Shachnai Efficient Reorganization of Binary Search Trees

403-412 T. Tsukiji, H. Mahmoud A Limit Law for Outputs in Random Recursive Circuits

413-432 D. Panario, B. Richmond Exact Largest and Smallest Size of Components

433-441 H. Prodinger A q -Analogue of the Path Length of Binary Search Trees

442-457 R. T. Smythe, J. Wellner Stochastic Analysis of Shell Sort

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