Simplification of two papers of Ferri, Faccio, and D'Amico

The two papers in questions are

\bibitem{Paper1} G.~Ferri, M.~Faccio, and A.~D'Amico.
\newblock A new numerical triangle showing links with {F}ibonacci numbers.
\newblock {\em The Fibonacci Quarterly}, 29:316--321, 1991.

G.~Ferri, M.~Faccio, and A.~D'Amico.
\newblock Fibonacci numbers and ladder network impedance.
\newblock {\em The Fibonacci Quarterly}, 30:62--67, 1992.

The complicated numerical triangles studied there are just

\binom{n+k}{n-k} (Paper1)


\binom{n+k+1}{n-k} (Paper2)

Added June 13, 1996. P. Filipponi and O. Brugia noted that earlier than me.,

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